Emailing is a key and effective tactic to deploy alongside any lead generation or appointment making campaign.

Combining email and telemarketing is a great way to introduce yourself, using an email as a way to covertly warm up a sales prospect and keep you at the front of their mind. This can be achieved by leaving something from you with them whether it is; an introductory email, a website link, a digital brochure, an invitation to a seminar or just your contact details.

At Perfect Pitch we are fully capable of maintaining your email presence by sending and receiving messages for you whilst constantly keeping you in the loop with any interesting developments and being ready to implement any changes at a moments notice. We can send out tailor made correspondences relating to our personal conversations with the prospect or if you’d rather send the relevant information yourself we will provide you with detailed and concise notes to do so.

Case Studies

International Marketing Company
"To establish a database of suitable companies, decision makers, and short and long term marketing needs".

Design Agency Surrey
"Gave us access to a well-established and high quality business network that would have taken us years to establish - and all in a matter of months."

What our clients say
"We’ll definitely be using them for our next campaign!"
Anna Robinson, Marketing Assistant, Digital Radish
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