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Fran Downes, Telemarketer

Tell us about your life outside of Perfect Pitch: Mother of two children aged 9 and 10, and wife to a City lawyer. Following our recent return from 12 years living in the Middle East, our weekends are spent outside as much as possible in the glorious Surrey countryside walking our gorgeous black Labrador Molly!

Hobbies, favourite food, party trick: Horse riding, social golf (ie more chatting than hitting dimpled balls!), skiing and walking. My favourite food would be roasted turkey dinner with all the trimmings, yum!

Tell us about your career history:
All my hardcore sales techniques were learned at an insurance company and then honed to perfection within an advertising agency. I then worked within a web based IT startup company, at the height of the dot-com boom, and went on to rubbing shoulders with Michelin starred restaurants with a very high-end hand wash manufacturer!

Who would play you in your life story film? Angelina Jolie

Your Perfect highlight: Every time you get that golden YES at the end of the phone, it never gets tiring!!

Your telemarketing top tip
: Start each call with fresh enthusiasm: you can't predict the outcome.

What do you like about working at Perfect Pitch? All the warm welcoming staff - I love coming in to work everyday!!!