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David Ralph, Telemarketer

Tell us about your life outside Perfect Pitch: I try to keep fit and enjoy cycling, whilst I would ardently deny any claims that I am a full blown M.A.M.I.L ( middle aged man in Lycra), worryingly, I have to admit that I am often dressed up to the waist in the stuff!

Hobbies, favourite food, party trick: In the main I enjoy spicy, aromatic foods and on occasion enjoy a Phaal curry. Party Trick?  Getting through a Phaal!

Tell us about your Career History: Graduated from the Mountview Theatre School ( Now The Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.) many...MANY moons ago, subsequently working in Theatre and Film, both at home and overseas.  Recently returned to UK, having lived and worked in Mallorca since 2006.

Who would play you in your life story film: Christoph Waltz, now that would be flattery indeed.

Your Perfect Highlight: Being accepted into the fold and working on the Spanish campaigns!

Your telemarketing top tip: Try to keep it fresh, enthused.  Each call will be different.

What do you like about working at Perfect Pitch: The positive ambience generated by the diverse and supportive people here.