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Testimonials - Perfect Training

We offer telemarketing, telesales, presentation and networking training. You can learn more here.

International Cricket Ground “Paul gave good examples on how you can have more self-awareness, along with giving people more confidence to those who are not always corporate facing.”

“I thought that the card game (to rate the impression a person gave) was very interesting and really highlighted the use of acting in communication.”

Events and Hospitality Team
The Kia Oval, home of Surrey Cricket Club.

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Education charity

“Thank you for delivering such useful and proactive training with the outreach team here at SSF. They have all given feedback saying that it was incredibly valuable and beneficial at this time of calling and has given them real motivation to reach their target.”

Georgina Brehaut
Senior Schools Outreach Officer
Shakespeare Schools Festival

Telephone Interpreting and Translation Services Company

“A very good 3 days where I feel the course has made a real difference to my pitch and the conversations are much better and have more direction.

I like the way that Perfect Pitch keep things quite simple of which I feel is the best way as otherwise you complicate things without really understanding what the problem is in the first place.

Overall I feel it has improved quite a few areas for me, given me a few more weapons and techniques to use in my armoury and given me a further boost of confidence so would not hesitate to recommend Perfect Pitch.”

Jamie Milligan,
Translations Business Manager,
LanguageLine Solutions

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Age UK Surrey
“I would highly recommend Perfect Pitch to any organisation looking for telephone sales and marketing training. Nigel’s warm and consultative approach quickly identified areas where Perfect Pitch’s innovative training would make the most impact to help us improve our customer experience and convert telephone enquiries into satisfied clients.

Perfect Pitch’s trainer Paul won the hearts and minds of the team. His training gave them the confidence in conveying the salient points of the service as well as the ‘art’ of closing the conversation. After just a couple of months we are already seeing an increase in conversion rates from enquiries to clients.

Many thanks to Nigel and his team!”

Diana Bignell
Marketing & Fundraising Manager

Insurance Broker
“Our Business Developers are very experienced and successful in their field but there is always room for improvement. After taking time to understand how they work and what we do, Paul quickly identified relatively minor changes in tone, approach and language in the way our team generate leads. This resulted in success in areas where we have previously struggled. A return visit several months later confirmed most changes had taken hold. A few minor adjustments, coupled with a confidence boost, gave instant results that day which are continuing now. A great investment; thank you, Perfect Pitch.”

Public Speaking & Interview Training "I had a life changing interview ahead of me, much of which involved public speaking. I needed to prepare and I wanted to work with someone that made made feel at ease, gave me confidence and of course gave me the crucial tips for speaking well.

The Perfect Pitch team, Paul in particular, helped me with breathing exercises, practical tips on how to handle different situations, and a range of methods that I could work on for my big day.

I went into the interview feeling confident as I knew I had the skills at hand to call on after all my practice with Perfect Pitch. It went well on the day and I now have the skills to keep me going through my career."