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Case Studies - Education

The Client: Global curriculum leader for degree level IT courses. They have created an ecosystem of IT leaders, developers, and partners to provide industry leading educational IT products.

The Brief:

1) Call across Europe & Middle East.
2) Identify universities who are interested in running specific courses.
3) Find the decision maker for the courses and assess their status as a lead.


Our foreign language team called to promote these courses abroad. We spoke to senior decision makers, qualified them in line with a criteria set by the client, and arranged a meeting with them.

•    Held conversations about what the courses offered.
•    Researched student intake and the options available.
•    Discussed course implementation timeframes involved.
•    Explored opportunities for partnerships and future projects.


We successfully produced qualified leads for the client which they managed to convert to business. We had to adapt the calling strategy for different regions and we believe this helped in part to lead to the success of the campaign.

The Middle East were keen to engage but initially were harder to contact as there was a preference to be contacted on mobiles. We had to source these numbers from their colleagues, but once we spoke with the contact, the conversations were positive and yielded results.

Contrastingly, some countries were easier to penetrate than others. Eastern Europe, Russia and Spain required less lead time. In Eastern Europe in particular, we found decisions could be made much quicker compared to the rest of Europe. For instance, typically the UK targets needed a longer sales cycle as they had often already set budgets and so funds were committed.

We have compiled a report for the client which included observations from calling different areas of the globe. Consequently we have since worked with the client to help shape their marketing strategy based on these findings.

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