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Gemma Flew, Office Manager

I take care of key administrative tasks and make sure the office runs smoothly!

Tell us about your life outside of Perfect Pitch:
I spend a lot of time researching into where in the world I want to go next, then end up spending my savings on online shopping (oops?). I also have the most gorgeous fluffy cat in the world called Ivy, she is a big part of my life.

Hobbies, favourite food, party trick:
Can I say talking is my hobby? I also enjoy art, meditation and binge watching TV programmes. I love to cook and tend to enjoy most foods out there (as long as it has no leeks in it). Can I say my party trick is talking for England? I’m great at filling in silences with random rambling! 

Tell us about your career history:
Before Perfect Pitch I trained as a Team Leader at Waitrose, this led into me running the Food Service section (on my own!) most weekends. 

Who would play you in your life story film?
I think Stephanie Napier would be a great me, she is adorable and an absolute delight. Perfect match obviously!

Your Perfect highlight:
I’m torn between our Christmas parties, our social events like Pirate mini golf and days where the kitchen is full of cake.

Your office top tip:
Keep the kitchen tidy or I will get grumpy at you!

What do you like about working at Perfect Pitch?
THE PEOPLE! We really are the weirdest but most wonderful bunch of people!