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The 5 KEY benefits of outsourcing telemarketing

1) Saving
Do you want to know the true cost of an employee? Take their basic salary and multiply it by 1.85. This covers all the expenses you’re likely to have to pay including a telephone, desk, computer, software licenses, right through to biscuits and toilet paper. Furthermore, it's important to consider redundancy, pension, and the cost of time spent managing and training your in-house telemarketer.

2) Time
So many of our clients come to us and say that they would prefer their Sales team to be pitching in front of qualified leads, as opposed to spending the time generating the opportunities. Our telemarketers will qualify the lead in line with the client's criteria and set up the meeting, phone call, or secure the delegate to attend their event, allowing them to go in for the close.

3) Resource
Outsourcing telemarketing allows you to seamlessly shift focus and resource to other aspects of your business. It saves you the time and expense of recruiting a new head, whilst managing to maintain your lead generation and nurturing process.

4) Accountability                                                                         As a client, you have the right to control who is making calls for your business and to dictate how your brand is being represented on the phone. With outsourcing you have the ability to test and measure your telemarketing campaign, from the type of voice you use, right through to the time of day you call. Remember, you are the client so you have right to have things just the way you want them!  

5) Flexibility                                                                                  The ability to scale up or down your telemarketing activity can greatly increase the efficency of your campaign. Using an outsourced telemarketing service provides the option to increase the amount of callers you have on the campaign, without having to recruit more telemarketers internally.


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