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Paul Baverstock, Telemarketer

How long have you been working at Perfect Pitch? May 2015 is my 3 year anniversary. Many happy times have been had.
Hobbies, favourite food, party trick: My interests outside of work are classic cars, my 2 cats, and films. I trained as an Actor, and still enjoy performing when I have the opportunity.
Tell us about your career history: Prior to Perfect Pitch, I have worked for various insurance brokers, mostly in the London PI market. I have also worked for a mortgage provider, and my first job was for a home improvement company.
Who would play you in your life story film? Me. It’s the only role I would be perfect casting for.
Your Perfect highlight: Being invited by a client to represent them alongside their own staff at the Military trade show in Farnborough.
Your telemarketing top tip: The power of silence. Listen.
What do you like about working at Perfect Pitch? The flexibility and the varied clients. No two are the same.