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Testimonials - International

Here are some testimonials from our International clients

Global Fitness Equipment Manufacturer
"I’ve had the pleasure of commissioning Perfect Pitch to work on campaigns across several different European and Asian countries.  Inherently, a company places a great deal of trust in a telemarketing agency when asking them to call potential or existing customers, and therefore choosing the right agency is vitally important.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Perfect Pitch.

Perfect Pitch is extremely attentive in terms of their account/campaign management support, and their adaptability and attitude is first class.  Crucially, they’re also very selective about the calibre of people they recruit, meaning that your company is professionally represented in every call."

Tom Merryfield
Marketing Manager – APAC & EMEA

“Having previously worked with Nigel I had no hesitation in recommending Perfect Pitch at my new company. However, there had to be a genuine opportunity and when there was the team at Perfect Pitch didn’t let me down, instantly surpassing expectations and getting results that had never been achieved in previous telemarketing campaigns. Nigel’s consultative approach means you feel that you have employed a partner rather than a supplier, and his strategic knowledge and execution of telemarketing, market research and lead generation is second-to-none. The Perfect Pitch team have become part of our team and this is reflected in how they are seen as an extension of our sales force as opposed to serving it. I have always believed in their ability but now being a client I can state without a doubt that if you need a telemarketing agency try Perfect Pitch before you go anywhere else – you won’t be disappointed.”

Jonathan Griffiths
UK Marketing Executive

International Fund Management
Perfect Pitch performed a successful Lead Generation campaign across the first two quarters of this year, calling into EMEA and the US to uncover BANT qualified leads for decision makers across the Financial sector.

Marketing Director