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Toast of Surrey Nominee TURNOVER UP TO 1M - Surrey Ad Article

Toast of Surrey nominee: Perfect Pitch

By Andre Langlois
February 01, 2013

A THEATRICAL twist on telemarketing has seen Perfect Pitch grow into a 21-seat office in four years.

The Godalming firm hires professional performers as well as business people to make connections around the world.

Career salesman Nigel Blake started up as a one-man operation in 2009.

“Really I’m a poacher-turned-gamekeeper. Historically I was a buyer of telemarketing services and felt it was something that could be done differently,” he said.

Mr Blake said that performers such as actors, comedians and a radio DJs have essential skills such as the ability to learn lines and fearlessness when faced with rejection. The arrangement also suits the performers who may have no other regular income.

“It gives them some commercial experience. I think as well, for telemarketing, they are doing about three or four days a week which is better than doing day after day,” he said.

The firm deals entirely in business to business telemarketing. About one third of the firm’s business is now for American companies and can involve calling Japan, Mexico, Germany or Miami.

As well as the performers, Perfect Pitch hires professional business people who are comfortable dealing with senior staff in multinational firms.

“British accents are very popular and can be a good way of opening the door,” said Mr Blake.

“Our job is to get our clients in front of the people they want to deal with and the rest is up to them.”