Mike Goodwin


Successful Campaigns

Global Fitness Equipment Manufacturer | Battery Management System | Telecoms

Tell us about your life outside of Perfect Pitch

Happily married to Catherine, but I’m not sure if she’d say the same.  I have one pet cat with the ridiculous name of Gisella, I think you can guess who named her!

Hobbies, favourite food, party trick

My main hobby is watching football and in particular, my team, Manchester United. I even know where Old Trafford is! I usually aim to get to at least 2 games a season, depending on funds! I have also turned out for the Perfect Pitch football team, where it has been noted I am able to use both my left feet! I do also enjoy a bit of karaoke now and again.  I’m not sure about favourite food, but I do tend to eat a lot of chilli con carne for lunch.  My party trick as a young man was downing pints of beer, obviously I am too mature to do that now!

Tell us about your career history

I have worked at Perfect Pitch for 6 years. Previously I have been employed by a travel agent, a national financial advisor, an insurance company, a large Forex company, and when I was at college I worked in the bar of a leisure centre.

Who would play you in your life story film

Brad Pitt. Although I’m not sure if he’s handsome enough.

Your Perfect highlight

I’ve particularly enjoyed our social events as a company including the Christmas Parties, Curryoke and the Summer Picnic.

Your telemarketing top tip

You’re representing the client so be polite, even if the person you’re speaking to isn’t.

What do you like about working at Perfect Pitch

The people. I spend most of my day at Perfect Pitch, if it wasn’t for the great people here I would not enjoy myself half as much. I have worked on a wide variety of campaigns including an industrial roofing company, a global fitness equipment manufacturer, a lithium battery manufacturer, a telecoms supplier, and a few utility companies. Also Godalming as a place is lovely, especially in the Summer down by the river.

Words from our clients about Mike

“I’ve been really impressed with the Perfect Pitch team! They have done a brilliant job getting our campaign up and running and Mike’s brought in some really good leads already!”

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