10 Years in 10 Questions

To celebrate Perfect Pitch’s 10-year anniversary, we interviewed Managing Director Nigel Blake, to find out how his journey through it all has been.

1.Why did you start the business?
“As a buyer of Telemarketing Services, I could not seem to find the quality of service I was looking for – so I decided to start my own service!”

3. What’s been the most pleasant surprise?
“How helpful the local business community has been.”

2. What would you say to yourself 10 years ago?
“Be patient, flexible, and have courage in your convictions.”

4. What’s been the hardest thing to navigate?
“Having to learn all the other parts of running a business – Tax/VAT/Payroll/HR – it’s a steep learning curve!”

5. What’s the main thing that your “gut” has been right about?
“Always be nice to people. It’s a very small world, particularly in business.”

6. How has being a member of Surrey Chambers helped?
“In so many ways! Having access to a business network, marketing, business support – and a shoulder to cry on sometimes!”

7. What are you goals for the next 10 years?
“To continue to grow the business and always look for ways to improve.”

8. What challenges do you for see for the coming decade?
“Technology – will it help or hinder us?”

9. What’s the company’s your biggest achievement?
“We are proud to have won various awards, however, coming into the office and hearing the buzz of 30 agents on the phone in different languages takes some beating!”

10. Sum up the last 10 years in 10 words?
“It’s been a rollercoaster, but we wouldn’t change a thing!”

We also interviewed a few of the employees to see how they have enjoyed their time working for Perfect Pitch.

Katie Gleig:

  1. How long have you been on the Perfect Team?
  2. What’s been your highlight? 
    “Seeing the team enjoying the Christmas party last year – work hard, play hard!”
  3. What makes Perfect Pitch different to other places you’ve worked?
    “For me the key thing is the flexibility that working here allows me and of course the people at Perfect Pitch – I love the diversity of characters that make up this friendly team – never a dull moment!”

Craig Morgan:

  1.  How long have you been on the Perfect Team?
    “Since August 2012 (7 years)”
  2. What’s been your highlight?
    “Every day is a highlight! Our charity work has been very rewarding, and we’ve had some really fun Christmas campaigns.”
  3. What makes Perfect Pitch different to other places you’ve worked?
    “The relaxed and friendly atmosphere.”

John Gallacher:

  1.  How long have you been on the Perfect Team?
    “8 years”
  2. What’s been your highlight?
    “Maybe not such a highlight but there was a memorable campaign we did in East Asia and this required starting at 2am to jump on a call to Shanghai, I may have been a bit bleary eyed at the time but on reflection I like the idea that we were conducting global business in the early hours across the world from an office in Godalming.”
  3. What makes Perfect Pitch different to other places you’ve worked?
    “The team here are mix of creative types and professionals that I wouldn’t think interact in many other spaces which leads to some really lovely interactions. It’s enjoyable uncovering the thing we have in common as there always seems to be at least one thing that connects everyone to everyone else.”

Stephanie Napier:

  1.  How long have you been on the Perfect Team?
    “8 fabulous years”
  2. What’s been your highlight?
    “Growing with the company in knowledge, scope, direction and size! From an office with 5 employees, to an office with 30, and another 10 employees around the world. It has been truly wonderful to watch Perfect Pitch grow.”
  3. What makes Perfect Pitch different to other places you’ve worked?
    “The family feel. It may sound cheesy, but I respect everyone I work with both personally and professionally. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Perfect Pitch!”

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