Actors Deliver Top Quality Performances at Perfect Pitch

Lights, Camera…Sales!

Actors Deliver Top Quality Performances at Perfect Pitch

An unusual recruitment strategy is helping Perfect Pitch Consultancy to grow from strength to strength. The Godalming-based sales consultancy employs actors and actresses to make sales calls on behalf of clients – and the results speak for themselves.

Nigel Blake, managing director of Perfect Pitch, set up the business less than a year ago and in a short space of time has generated significant leads for businesses in a wide range of sectors including logisitics, IT, energy management, property services, design, print, marketing and financial services.

According to Nigel, “I have a strong background in sales and was determined to set up a business in Surrey which offers the highest level of professionalism – an outsourced sales team which acts as a true ambasssador for every company we represent. I wanted to offer a flexible and cost-effective service to clients, enabling them to turn their sales tap on and off depending on their needs – an approach which they cannot take if they have a full-time sales employee.

“I began my career in telemarketing and saw the detrimental effect of employing unmotivated students or temporary workers to sell a range of products and services in a call centre environment. I was determined to operate at a different level. I am fully aware that the success of a sales consultancy is largely determined by the quality of people who are making the sales calls. I started by employing an actor and realised that many of his skills were ideal to help me to deliver high quality calls on behalf of clients. I have since built up a pool of actors and am able to match their interests and skills to the different sales campaigns for our clients.”

Nigel has been impressed by the results gained from his team of actors. From his experience they are driven, motivated by results, good listeners and highly articulate. Pefect Pitch’s success is linked to the number of appointments it sets up, based on the qualifying criteria defined by the client – and with his troupe of actors, he has been able to exceed industry averages. One client achieved an average of one to four bookings per day through their previous sales agency. The Perfect Pitch team arranged four to five per day.

Roy Hanif, CEO, Carbon Credentials, echoes this point. “Perfect Pitch was prepared to work on a ‘results only’ basis. They delivered and outperformed other telemarketing companies we were using at the time.” Jon Griffiths, a graduate from GSA, is one of the actors in the Perfect Pitch team. He has appeared in a number of commercials and music videos as well as theatre performances, ranging from pantomime to Shakespeare. He is about to start filming as the boyfriend of Girls Aloud star, Sarah Harding for a UK feature film called Grid Iron. He commented, “When we are making a sales call, we are essentially playing a character. We are able to speak to a CEO of a big corporation just as easily as a facilities manager in a factory. We have practiced our improvisation skills for years and are also used to dealing politely with rejection whilst being determined to succeed. ”

With his cast of actors at hand, complimented by some professional sales personnel, too, Nigel Blake seems to have created a winning formula. He concludes, ““Our strategy to use actors is also leading to wider opportunities for us. One of our clients asked if Jon would be the compère for the day at the Godalming Food Festival. He was delighted to be able to take on this role and it was fantastic for Perfect Pitch to support the local community in this way.

“Thanks to our success rate, we have already exceeded our business goals for our first year of trading. So far, I’ve grown the business through my existing contacts and by becoming a member of the Heat Business Club, which has resulted in projects from fellow-members and helped us to raise our profile. It’s been so much easier to bring in new business by having an unusual yet proven business proposition. Having built a strong track record in a short space of time, we are now growing primarily through client referrals. We haven’t even needed to do a telesales campaign about ourselves yet!”

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