10 Years in 10 Questions

To celebrate Perfect Pitch’s 10-year anniversary, we interviewed Managing Director Nigel Blake, to find out how his journey through it all has been.

1.Why did you start the business?
“As a buyer of Telemarketing Services, I could not seem to find the quality of service I was looking for – so I decided to start my own service!”

3. What’s been the most pleasant surprise?
“How helpful the local business community has been.”

2. What would you say to yourself 10 years ago?
“Be patient, flexible, and have courage in your convictions.”

4. What’s been the hardest thing to navigate?
“Having to learn all the other parts of running a business – Tax/VAT/Payroll/HR – it’s a steep learning curve!”

5. What’s the main thing that your “gut” has been right about?
“Always be nice to people. It’s a very small world, particularly in business.”

6. How has being a member of Surrey Chambers helped?
“In so many ways! Having access to a business network, marketing, business support – and a shoulder to cry on sometimes!”

7. What are you goals for the next 10 years?
“To continue to grow the business and always look for ways to improve.”

8. What challenges do you for see for the coming decade?
“Technology – will it help or hinder us?”

9. What’s the company’s your biggest achievement?
“We are proud to have won various awards, however, coming into the office and hearing the buzz of 30 agents on the phone in different languages takes some beating!”

10. Sum up the last 10 years in 10 words?
“It’s been a rollercoaster, but we wouldn’t change a thing!”

We also interviewed a few of the employees to see how they have enjoyed their time working for Perfect Pitch.

Katie Gleig:

  1. How long have you been on the Perfect Team?
  2. What’s been your highlight? 
    “Seeing the team enjoying the Christmas party last year – work hard, play hard!”
  3. What makes Perfect Pitch different to other places you’ve worked?
    “For me the key thing is the flexibility that working here allows me and of course the people at Perfect Pitch – I love the diversity of characters that make up this friendly team – never a dull moment!”

Craig Morgan:

  1.  How long have you been on the Perfect Team?
    “Since August 2012 (7 years)”
  2. What’s been your highlight?
    “Every day is a highlight! Our charity work has been very rewarding, and we’ve had some really fun Christmas campaigns.”
  3. What makes Perfect Pitch different to other places you’ve worked?
    “The relaxed and friendly atmosphere.”

John Gallacher:

  1.  How long have you been on the Perfect Team?
    “8 years”
  2. What’s been your highlight?
    “Maybe not such a highlight but there was a memorable campaign we did in East Asia and this required starting at 2am to jump on a call to Shanghai, I may have been a bit bleary eyed at the time but on reflection I like the idea that we were conducting global business in the early hours across the world from an office in Godalming.”
  3. What makes Perfect Pitch different to other places you’ve worked?
    “The team here are mix of creative types and professionals that I wouldn’t think interact in many other spaces which leads to some really lovely interactions. It’s enjoyable uncovering the thing we have in common as there always seems to be at least one thing that connects everyone to everyone else.”

Stephanie Napier:

  1.  How long have you been on the Perfect Team?
    “8 fabulous years”
  2. What’s been your highlight?
    “Growing with the company in knowledge, scope, direction and size! From an office with 5 employees, to an office with 30, and another 10 employees around the world. It has been truly wonderful to watch Perfect Pitch grow.”
  3. What makes Perfect Pitch different to other places you’ve worked?
    “The family feel. It may sound cheesy, but I respect everyone I work with both personally and professionally. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Perfect Pitch!”

Telemarketing: The Deadly Duo

The dream call = You get through first time, speak to the decision maker, they need what you provide, you meet with them, they become a client.

It can happen. But as all sales and marketing innovators know, it’s not always that straightforward!

Typically, you need to nurture the contact through a combination of email activity and calling, before you get the chance to pitch.

The world of marketing and sales never stands still and there have been several trends that have emerged in recent time. Increasingly we’ve found that the most effective approach to phone-based lead generation is to take a two-pronged approach.

Step 1 – The fact find.

Call to profile your target market (read more here). Find out key decision maker information, the best time to call, their direct dial, and the status of their buying cycle – are they currently reviewing their suppliers?

In addition, use these calls to get an idea of their current suppliers, whether they’re happy with them and when would be a good time to resume the conversation so you can tell them more.

Usually at this stage the contact will ask for more information about you and your product. It’s key to have relevant collateral you can send, ideally a case study for a company in their industry or from a business that’s well respected.

As much as it is tempting to not consider these contacts as leads, surprisingly, you’d be amazed at how many of them convert to a deal. Moving away from a sales call and simply trying to prequalify in this way, changes the tone of the conversation. It becomes more exploratory and feels not too dissimilar to a survey, without the pressure on the contact to commit.

Nevertheless, do make sure you’re ready to pitch, just in case the time is right!

Step 2 – The pitch.

This is where you yield the fruits of your labour. It’s unlikely that all the records you called initially will be due a call back at the same time, so make sure you factor in time each month to allow for this activity.

The purpose of these calls is to build on the intelligence you have gathered, and to use it to shape your pitch. Remember to make it bespoke and concise, with a clear focus. For example, if you’re pitching for a meeting, keep that your thread.

This stage in itself might require several calls if the decision maker is unexpectedly unavailable, but the conversation should have a different tone and take on a new focus. It stands to reason that because you have more familiarity with the decision maker, it should again feel more like a conversation rather than a pitch, even though that’s what’s actually happening on the call.


We’ve found that using the “deadly duo” helps move the telemarketing aspect of a marketing campaign away from the connotations of “stack ‘em high” and a “battery farm”. It takes it more to a place of a considered, measured, intelligent approach and one that’s much more accessible.

Ultimately, a conversation can uncover a treasure trove of valuable information and opportunity, and having a smart, pinpoint approach to your calling should be integral to your strategy.

Telemarketing: The Power of Profiling

Use TM to profile your target market.

Telemarketing provides a direct, reliable solution to profiling potential clients. On a call you can collect:

  • Name and job title decision maker.
  • Contact details.
  • Current supplier information.
  • Contract end date.
  • Product specific information, such as total number of phones onsite.
  • Tender date.
  • GDPR permission to keep in contact.

Armed with this information, you can feed this into your sales funnel to nurture accordingly. This can vary from passing the lead to your Marketing department to target with an email campaign, or to have your Sales team contact to pitch to them.

Profile calls add intelligence to your data set, even if it’s just finding out the key decision maker, or that it’s best to reconnect with the contact later in the year – you can always get something out of a call!


“Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

― Anonymous Greek Proverb

Wise words for society and wise words for your sales process. Imagine how grateful your future self will be in six month when you know that it’s now the right time to call back that person you spoke to two quarters ago.

If you’ve profiled your contact correctly on your initial call, then you will be armed knowing who they’re currently using (instead of you!) and when the contract is up for renewal. This will help you tailor your pitch, which is key in building rapport and focusing the call to your end goal, be it a meeting, inviting them to an event or a sale.

4 key questions to help with profiling

  1. Can I ask, who are you using at the moment?
  2. Do you know when that contract is up for review?
  3. How can we be considered for tender?
  4. Who oversees the decision-making process?

There are several ways to phrase these questions and often it’s best to go with what you feel most comfortable with, but these should help with your profiling exercise. In addition, if you sense the contact is open to a conversation, there’s no harm in asking if they’re happy with their current supplier, and whether they’d consider changing.

Below are examples of how profiling can be used for several sectors, including IT & Telecoms, Finance and Insurance.

MSP – Targeting IT & Finance decision makers to review IT & Telecoms infrastructure.

Current supplier:

No. computers:

No. software licences:

Review date:

Asset management – Promoting funds IFAs

Preferred funds:

Current platforms they use:

Review date:

Insurance – Targeting the B2B marketing to promote insurance policies.

Current insurer:

Policy end date:

Review date:


Profiling calls are a powerful tool and should be considered in your marketing approach. Focus on adding intelligence to your database every time you make a call, and you’ll be on the path to a healthy pipeline.

One last thing: Your profile call might produce a lead there and then, so be ready to pitch!

Sales Drama – 5 acting tips to becoming a successful telemarketer

Playing the role

Who are you? What’s your job? Why are you calling?

Define this before you start. “I want to speak to the decision maker about my solution to a problem you have.” Think about how you sound, the language you use and how you want to be received. Prepare your responses to anticipated objections and know how you’ll handle the typical outcomes of a sales call:

  1. They’re interested.
  2. They aren’t interested.
  3. The decision maker isn’t available.
  4. They want you to send more information.

If your offer is rejected, remember, they’re probably not rejecting you – well, at least not without good reason! Reflect on the call and ensure you explained your proposal concisely, you were polite, you listened to the contact and you tried to read the situation correctly. Some people are busy or just not interested. Each sales call is a learning opportunity!

Voice tone

The key to success is to match the recipient’s mood and voice tone and to raise this by one step. For example, if you speak to someone authoritative, be assertive but not arrogant. If someone’s tired, don’t be over bubbly. Be more energetic than them but not by too much, think steady and measured rather than slow and dull.

Try to adjust your tone to reflect the direction the call takes. Like an actor, you must be realistic and believable, or the superficiality will create a barrier.


Want to sound confident and measured? Or to put it another way, want to avoid sounding panicked, stressed and overwhelmed?  Breathe from your diaphragm. It’s what singers, actors and even babies do. Breathing “properly” will help you stay calm, focused and grounded.

One of the best ways to help your breathing is to be conscious of it. If you feel yourself breathing from the top of your chest or talking from the top of your throat – pause. Take a deep breath, and focus on your diaphragm. One trick is to entwine your hands and place them on your navel. Take a deep breath and exhale. If your hands begin to spread apart, you’re breathing correctly.


Some people like to stand, some like a headset, others prefer a handset. It’s down to personal choice, but it’s integral that you give yourself the best possible chance to breathe correctly and project your voice.

Unsurprisingly, slumping your shoulders and adopting a subordinate posture is likely to come across in your call. Remember, it’s about playing the role, as much as it is about what you say and how you respond. 


Too fast, too slow, misplaced intonation – achieving correct diction can be tough. Pacing and clarity are two key things to focus on. Practicing simple tongue-twisters can help limber up your vocal muscles. Also, record yourself reading out your pitch and listen for areas where you trip over words or run out of breath.

Try to be conscious of your diction. Typically people talk quickly when they’re excited, especially if they’re near to closing a deal. This is acceptable – and natural, but be mindful of the recipient, they want to understand you and you don’t want to lose them in the final throws!


Sales needs tactfulness, tenacity and a clear focus. Practice these tips to help you control your self-portrayal on the call, and hopefully you’ll put in a successful performance!

Surrey Business Awards 2018 Nomination

Surrey Business Awards 2018 Nomination

Perfect Pitch are thrilled to have been shortlisted for the Professional Services Category in this year’s Surrey Business awards.

The Awards, in association with Surrey Chamber of Commerce, are held annually to honour and celebrate the vibrant Surrey business community.

Around 400 of the county’s leading businesspeople, judges and VIPs are expected to be in attendance, and no doubt there will be a great buzz at the awards at Epsom racecourse on 4th October.

We are up against some tough competition including a leading law firm and international development specialists, but regardless of the result, we are very excited to mix with so many great businesses on offer in the county.

Professional Services

We work extensively in the Professional Services, setting appointments for our clients with qualified leads and booking delegates for thought leadership seminars. We’ve been lucky enough to collect some great testimonials!

In addition, our sister company Perfect Presentation have run workshops and training sessions in presentation skills. You can read more here.

Hopefully all our hard work is enough to get us over the line, but as ever, our fate will be in the hands of the judges!

Thank you to all our staff who have helped us achieve this nomination, it is a testament to all your skill and passion for delivering a high-quality service.

Come see us!

Are you attending the event and want to meet with us? Get in touch here.

How To Use Telemarketing To Secure Attendees


Are you hosting an event anytime soon? Perhaps a conference or a seminar? Great! Hosting an event is an effective tool for sales and marketing campaigns. Some of the benefits include:

  • Generate leads.
  • Promote your business.
  • An opportunity for thought leadership.
  • Shows you are active.
  • Chance to reconnect with your contacts.

However, the promotion of your event can make or break it. We’ve booked over 450 events and seminars and have compiled a top 5 list of things to do to ensure your event is well attended!

  1. Consistency. Call regularly across 6-8 weeks before the event to increase the chance of speaking with the contact. We factor 3-4 calls per contact to ensure we reach them as people can be on holiday, in meetings or just plain busy!
  2. Data. Target the right level of seniority. You can offer places to influencers but you don’t want your event populated with those who aren’t right for your lead generation process.
  3. Charge. This creates impetus to attend. Even a nominal fee of £10 is likely to improve the chances of someone attending.
  4. Diary invite. When you secure someone’s attendance on the phone, send them a calendar invite straight away. They will be more likely to read it and it acts as a physical presence in their diary.
  5. Check. Hold back time for calling confirmation 48 -72 hours before the event. Following up ahead of the event to confirm attendance is key! Check the contact is happy with the location, parking arrangements and start time.
Post – event

Follow up post event to see if they want to discuss your services further. You can also use this as a chance to gain feedback. There are tools such as SurveyMonkey which can assist this. If suitable, you might be able to collect some testimonials as well.


Contact us

If you have any questions about our advice then we’d be to talk through our event promotion services. Contact us today.

5 Reasons Why Telemarketing Must Be Part of Your International Marketing Campaign

  1. Generates leads.

In the age of apps, emails and social media, it’s easy to forget the power of the human to human conversation. However, speaking with a decision maker, identifying problems you can solve, and setting the stage for future communication, can all lead to new business. There’s no reason to assume it’s a different story when targeting overseas markets. Our multi-language speaking telemarketers have found that business is the loudest language, and the principles of lead generation ring true around the globe.

  1. Enhances data. GDPR permission.

Poorly researched data is the quickest route to an unsuccessful campaign. Telemarketing is an effective way to identify decision makers and to qualify them accordingly. Furthermore, permission acquisition calls can all help towards remaining GDPR compliant. Before you start calling however, make sure you purchase your data from a reputable source, you recognise and acknowledge GDPR, and you are sure the companies you are contacting are not registered on their local version of the C/TPS register. Find out more here.

  1. Fits into your marketing strategy.

B2B Telemarketing is wonderfully flexible channel to consider when it comes to finding and creating new business opportunities. It can be used on the back of an e-marketing campaign, or to follow up a piece of direct mail. Whether it’s appointment setting with a senior decision maker, or inviting delegates to your overseas seminar, it’s a channel that can soon become your best friend.

  1. Market research.

Are you planning to target a new market but you want to test before committing? How does 100 conversations with potential customers sound as a starting point? Picking up the phone can provide you with this and more. It also opens the door for future business prospects.

  1. Direct route into the rest of the world!

Why wonder what the Spanish market thinks of your business model? Ask them! If you engage with the right person at the right time, you can earn a lot about the challenges they want to overcome, and in turn, how suitable your product is for their case. At the very least, you’ll enhance your data intelligence, which can inform future marketing activity.

How we can help

We’ve helped businesses pitch across the globe. Our team call into the major regions, including APAC, EMEA, LATAM and North America.

We acknowledge the importance of multi-language capability and we have telemarketers who can speak French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese. For some areas, particularly UAE, we’ve found that we need to open the conversation in Arabic with the gatekeeper, and then continue in English, once we start speaking with senior members of staff.

Do you want to find out if the US do actually love the British accent? Trust us, more often than not they do. We’ve been there and tested it! As is the case with any target market, a focused, relevant call is required, but the British accent seems to help unlock a few more doors than it closes.

Don’t think you can export? You’ll be surprised who’s doing it!

There’s no getting away from the fact that the export market opens up more possibility for trade. Post-Brexit, this could be become even more appealing, as the need for trade links into other countries increases.  Get in touch with us today about your plans to go global, and we’ll show how you can make the most of telemarketing.

Got the meeting but need help presenting?

Let our sister company, Perfect Presentation, help you. We’ll cover body language, posture and cultural awareness. Find out more here.

Eagle Radio – GDPR Table 6 Discussion

We were very excited to receive an invitation to be on the panel for Eagle Radio’s latest initiative, Table 6.

It’s a brand-new feature called Biz Surrey and Hampshire, where local business experts discuss and debate the latest hot topics.

UKRD’s flagship radio station, gathered some of Surrey and Hampshire’s leading GDPR experts and business professionals to the Power Room at Pennyhill Park to discuss GDPR.

During the session, the challenges, the opportunities, and pitfalls of GDPR were discussed. This covered everything from achieving and maintain compliance, through to handling business cards and what to do in case of a data breach.

The discussion featured:

  • Katie Harris, Employment solicitor, Herrington Carmichael
  • Keith Budden Managing Director and Lead Trainer, GDPR Training Course
  • Brian Wilson, The HR Dept

And our very own, MD, Nigel Blake. As a member of the DMA and having run a small business for over 9 years, Nigel was able to bring an insightful perspective on the reality faced by businesses up and down the UK.

The conversation was chaired by the one and only Peter “PG” Gordon of Eagle’s much loved Breakfast Show.

You can watch the full discussion below.

If you want to find out more about our services, including the GDPR compliant data we can provide and the GDPR permission acquisition calls we offer, click here. You can also read some of the campaigns we have completed on our Testimonials page.

Toast of Surrey Awards 2018 Nomination

It is with great excitement and pride that we are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the International Trade category at this year’s Toast of Surrey Awards!

Why us?

Our telemarketing team call across the UK and into all the major trade regions – including APAC, EMEA, LATAM and North America – in English and the local language.

We’ve generated leads across the globe for a range of sectors, including Finance, IT and major Manufacturing companies.

In addition, we’ve used our expertise to develop the training packages delivered by our sister company, Perfect Presentation, to assist businesses uncover opportunities overseas. This has included working with the likes of London Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Enterprise Europe Network, and Innovate UK, which you can read more about here.

What works

We believe that a combination of professional telemarketing, along with cultural awareness, makes for a successful calling campaign. Our team of actors and sales professionals know how to navigate gatekeepers and connect with senior decision makers, from the UK to the US and beyond!

Toast of Surrey Awards

The Toast of Surrey Awards is something we always look forward to, having been nominated in the International Trade Category previously in 2016, and having been crowned winners in 2014 of the “Companies with a Turnover up to £1 million” category.

It is a fantastic opportunity to meet and celebrate the business community of Surrey, and we are excited to catch up with old contacts, and to make new connections. Check out all the nominees here.

Want to find out more?

If you’d like our team of experienced telemarketers to generate opportunities for you in your target market overseas, then get in touch with us today and we can help you go global!

Heading to the Toast of Surrey Awards? Let’s meet up!

Toast of Surrey Awards article


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