Is your database ready for 2018?

Time to cleanse

As the clocks go back and we speed through the final quarter of the year, 2018 looms ever larger on the horizon.

Throughout the year you’d have experienced the enigmatic highs and lows of sales, losing leads and winning contracts, but regardless of the result, one thing for sure is that you would have accrued a lot of contacts.

Just think about all those exhibitions, e-marketing campaigns and networking events, that you’ve been attended!

Get it in order!

But where did you put all of those business cards? More importantly, whatever happened to those leads you put in your database but never got round to calling?

A recent report shows that nearly a quarter of all businesses admit that their marketing data has not been cleansed at all in the last 12 months.

Findings also show that less than 50% of all businesses check their customer data accuracy before starting a campaign.

Ahead of your marketing campaigns for 2018 can you really afford to have inefficient data? Equally, with GDPR creeping ever closer, can you rest assured knowing your data is compliant?

Uncover new leads

Our team of Trained Actors and Sales Professionals can call your contacts and make sure your records are up to date. Furthermore, our staff can pitch to them on your behalf and identify new business opportunities.

A stale record could soon turn into a lead and our experienced telemarketers would be happy to book you appointments to pitch to prospects.

We are currently running several data cleansing packages so if you want to have your data made fresh and ready for the new year, contact us on 01483 422 998 or enquire on our website.

Telemarketing – Can you afford to miss out?

The latest research from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) shows that B2B telemarketing generates £11 for every £1 invested. Furthermore, B2C telemarketing produces an ROI of £5 for every £1 spent.*

With telemarketing proving to be such a reliable direct marketing tool, can you take the risk of not having it as part of your business strategy?

Use the professionals

At Perfect Pitch our highly skilled and experienced in-house team of Trained Actors and Sales Professionals become your company representatives. They perform the role of your Sales Team but without the added cost and time of recruiting and training.

We offer Appointment Making, Lead Generation, promotion of your Seminars and Events, Telesales and Essential Business Skills Training.

Perfect Pitch has the resource to take your campaigns worldwide.With access to a pool of local language speakers and the ability to call 24 hours a day, we can cover the growing markets in APAC, EMEA, LATAM as well as North America.

As you like it

Perfect Pitch do not charge setup fees, can offer monthly rolling contracts and are able to provide you exclusively with an accurate data set that will become yours to keep.

Our bespoke service puts you in control of your Marketing Campaign. From the ability to choose from our extensive pool of Telemarketers to find the right ‘voice’ for your company, to working closely with your chosen team to ‘perfect their pitch’.

We have found that this open door approach gives our clients the confidence that we will sell what they do best.

To find out more about how we can become an effective part of your marketing strategy, click here.

The 5 KEY benefits of outsourcing telemarketing

1) Saving

Do you want to know the true cost of an employee? Take their basic salary and multiply it by 1.85. This covers all the expenses you’re likely to have to pay including a telephone, desk, computer, software licenses, right through to biscuits and toilet paper. Furthermore, it’s important to consider redundancy, pension, and the cost of time spent managing and training your in-house telemarketer.

2) Time

So many of our clients come to us and say that they would prefer their Sales team to be pitching in front of qualified leads, as opposed to spending the time generating the opportunities. Our telemarketers will qualify the lead in line with the client’s criteria and set up the meeting, phone call, or secure the delegate to attend their event, allowing them to go in for the close.

3) Resource 

Outsourcing telemarketing allows you to seamlessly shift focus and resource to other aspects of your business. It saves you the time and expense of recruiting a new head, whilst managing to maintain your lead generation and nurturing process.

4) Accountability                                                                                                               

As a client, you have the right to control who is making calls for your business and to dictate how your brand is being represented on the phone. With outsourcing you have the ability to test and measure your telemarketing campaign, from the type of voice you use, right through to the time of day you call. Remember, you are the client so you have right to have things just the way you want them!

5) Flexibility

The ability to scale up or down your telemarketing activity can greatly increase the efficiency of your campaign. Using an outsourced telemarketing service provides the option to increase the amount of callers you have on the campaign, without having to recruit more telemarketers internally.

Interested in outsourcing your telemarketing to us? Enquire now!

Are you promoting your event properly?

Perfect Promotions

  • Our Trained Actors are perfectly placed to promote your business at events, shopping malls, town centres, conferences, and seminars.
  • Services include – data collection, membership promotion, event registration and surveys.


Recent projects 

  • Professional Services Event at London Olympia – We provided promotional people in costume to represent our client whilst collating information and driving traffic to their stand.
  • Marketing for the Opening of a New Fitness Centre – Two of our representatives, in corporate colours, promoted the gym and gathered information around existing buying habits from both individuals and local businesses.
  • Event Registration for a National Membership Organisation – This included promotional work to gather contact information, followed by telephone activity to register the attendees, and post-event market research.


Perfect Presentation

A bespoke service to help those who battle with nerves at the thought of Presenting or Networking – be that one-to-one or in front of a large crowd.

  • Public Speaking
  • Sales Presentation
  • Company Event
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Keynote Speaking

We offer Training Courses for both groups and individuals, which can take place at our offices, or on-site at our clients’ offices. Our Head Trainer is Paul Bryant, a graduate of GSA (Guildford School of Acting), who regularly works with Senior Management and Directors to help them get their message across in the right way, with confidence and clarity.


Want to find out more?

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How to use telemarketing to nurture a lead in 6 easy steps

You’ve identified the contacts you want to target, now it’s time to get calling! But how do you turn a contact into a lead? Nurturing!

1. Build a rapport. Connections are based on mutual trust. No-one will want to speak to you if you are rude. Respect your contact’s time constraints and be polite!

2. Verbal contracts. If your contact cannot talk, find out when the best time is to call back. Where possible, get them to commit to a time, as well as a date. This way they will be more likely to answer, as they’ll be expecting your call.

3. Take notes, and ensure that you listen more than you talk. Now is your chance to gather information; budget review dates, who the decision makers are; all these things will help you build the profile of your lead. Furthermore, soft facts such as your contact’s favourite football team or their latest holiday destination, are all useful things to remember.

4. Don’t harass. We find that it takes 3-4 calls from first speaking to a contact to receiving a definite answer. Agree a time frame with your contact for when you’ll call, and keep to it!

5. Obtain direct dials and personal email addresses. All of these details will help cut down the time it takes to contact your target. It will also enhance your data for future campaigns.

6. Know what you’re going to say. Keep it concise and relevant to your contact. If done correctly, the conversation will flow naturally.

Remember: Gatekeepers are your friend! They will decide if you speak to your contact so get them on your side as early as possible! Be courteous, remember their name and most importantly, keep your fingers crossed!

Telemarketing: How to generate a BANT qualified lead in 4 questions.

BANT = Budget. Authority. Need. Timeline. Everything you need for a lead to be classified as a quality lead. Without knowing these four components, moving the prospect to a sale will become much harder.

Telemarketing offers a fast and cost-effective way to generate BANT qualified leads. Below are the 4 questions you need to ask.

1) BUDGET: Do you have the budget to buy my product?
There’s no point developing a lead who doesn’t have budget. Remember that your time costs money and so you want to maximise ROI. If they can’t afford it now, when do they decide their budget? This will be integral in building your pipeline.

2) AUTHORITY: Are you the decision-maker with the authority to buy?
Ask your contact their job title and responsibilities. Discussing their pain points can also help assess their status. Ultimately, an answer to this question can set you on the path to lead generation.

3) NEED: Do you require what I am offering?
As a decision maker they should know if they need your services. Listen and be patient, but at some point be sure to ask this question.

4) TIMELINE: When are you likely to buy?
Understanding buying patterns is essential to effective, time-efficient telemarketing. Instead of calling back at the wrong time, ask when it’s best to progress the conversation. If they aren’t interested now, when might they be?

Remember: Whether you’re using telemarketing for appointment setting, content syndication or data cleansing, these questions are essential to generating quality leads. You can word them how you like, just make sure you ask them! Good luck!

Fancy some telemarketing training? We can help. Find out more!

How to combine telemarketing with your email campaign

Combining digital marketing– e-marketing, PPC, SEO, etc– with telemarketing can make for a potent mix. It provides the ability to market en masse with digital tools, and to then follow up intelligently with a relevant, tailored call, to convert the contact into a lead. It’s the perfect balance of digital and human to human (H2H) marketing!

Stage 1: Email your data
The most efficient approach is to send an email to the direct email address of the decision maker regarding your services. If you do not have this, it’s worth spending time using telemarketing to research.

Stage 2: Prioritise
Start with those who have clicked on links within the email or have opened it. Alternatively, prioritise based on sectors you have the most experience in, or where you know there is a need for your offering.

Stage 3: Start a conversation
On the call, mention that they might have received an email from you– although you already know that they have. Avoid telling them that you know they have opened it or clicked on a link as this can make them feel uneasy.

Stage 4: Marketing Collateral
Usually on a first call, the contact will ask for more information. Have something to hand, it could either be an edited version of the email you sent through, a case study, or a brief introduction. Remember to set a verbal contract for when you’ll have a follow up call with them.

Stage 5: Plan your next steps
Update all your contact information and prepare the data for the next email campaign. Be sure to note down anything that indicates the buyer’s preference for content, as the more relevant you can make your marketing to them, the better.

REMEMBER: Permission 
You have a responsibility to ensure that you have permission to market to the contact. Purchasing lists from a bona fide data provider such as Corpdata – can be one way to ensure you have this covered. With GDPR now in place, you need to ensure you have this covered.

Do you have an email campaign that needs following up? Get in touch!

The 5 MOST Effective Ways to Use Telemarketing

When some people think of telemarketing they imagine a “robot” on the phone mindlessly pitching irrelevant products to the wrong audience. Not at Perfect Pitch! With us, we have one intelligent human being speaking with another, projecting a sense of purpose, direction, and professionalism. Here are the 5 most effective ways to use telemarketing.

1) Lead generation
Telemarketing has the versatility to be used as a standalone marketing channel, or as part of an overall strategy. It provides the perfect platform to qualify prospects and to set up appointments, or if you’re hosting an event or a webinar, to invite them along!

2) Data cleansing                                                                       
B2B data corrodes at 15% on average per year. Therefore, if you take a set of data records that hasn’t been updated in 2-3 years, it’s likely to be largely inaccurate. Telemarketing provides a tool which allows you to check the quality of the data of your target company and to update it accordingly. Furthermore, you might find that you’ve happened to call at the right time and may even end up generating a lead!

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is set to come into effect in May 2018. It dictates that for all the data records you hold, you must:

  • Declare providence.
  • Have permission from the contact to keep their data and have their confirmation that they understand what their records will be used for and how they will be stored.

It is possible to use telemarketing to create a data set that is GDPR compliant, therefore saving the risk of heavy fines from the ICO!

3) Market research                                                                
What better way to gauge the perception of your brand than to speak to potential customers and current clients!

With telemarketing you can find out if people have heard of you, whether they like your website, and if your offering clear and relevant. Confirmation on all of these aspects can help your marketing campaigns to be more effective and can provide guidance to improve your overall offering.

4) Client retention
Want to check in on your clients but prefer the personal touch of a human to human conversation? Pick up the phone and get chatting. Find out what’s working, what isn’t, how can you improve and most importantly, are they happy enough to remain a client?

It’s easier for people to open up during a conversation as opposed to an email. Plus, tone of voice can be very telling and phrasing can be very telling and give more of an insight than email or feedback forms.

5) Increase brand awareness                                                   
Do you want to get your brand in front of 100s of potential customers? Call them! Tell them about your brand, gauge if they are a decision maker, whether they have budget for your product and do they have an idea of when they’d like to buy?

If they don’t want to buy, do they have clients who might want to? You’d be surprised how much a strong rapport with a contact can benefit your brand awareness. If they like you, they’ll remember you, and there’s every chance they’ll spread the word!

If you are interested in finding more about a telemarketing campaign then send us an enquiry and we’ll be in touch very soon!

Don’t be let down by your data

DMA research has shown that B2B Telemarketing has an ROI of £11 for every £1 invested.

However, bad data can delay the progress of your campaign and soon whittle down this attractive ROI.

Furthermore, call a non CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service) approved record and you could be facing a fine of up to £500,000.

How can you make sure your records are up to date and that your business is reaching the right people? At Perfect Pitch we have the necessary expertise, so why not let our team of Specialists help you?


Figures suggest that over 3/4s of UK businesses waste at least 14% of their marketing budget on bad data. A further 84% said that bad data has affected their ability to implement their cross channel marketing strategy.

At Perfect Pitch we can cleanse your data by calling the record and confirming that your target’s details are correct. All updates are part of our service and all notes and new numbers obtained will be yours to keep.

We have long standing relationships with established, specialised Data Brokers so we are able to purchase accurate and reliable data for you. In your criteria we can include:

  • Job title
  • Sector
  • Company size.

We’ll even provide you with a sample size before purchasing so you can be sure you are targeting the people you need. Furthermore you can rest assured that all records provided will be CTPS approved.


Unlike other Telemarketing companies, we will not use your records on another client’s campaign. We will also not sell on your data nor will we use it for our own means.

When we supply you with data from one of our brokers, this is instantly yours to keep. That way not only will we be generating leads for you, but you’ll receive a cleansed list of CTPS approved targets, saving you time and money.

Want to know more? Contact us today.

7 reasons why you must use telemarketing this summer!

Hit the ground running for Q4. We all know sales can be a rollercoaster! Make sure you put in maximum effort to line up as many leads as you can ahead of Q4. Don’t forget, the new calendar year isn’t THAT far away so decision makers will already be putting plans in place.

Speak to more senior decision makers. Yes, it’s true that many people holiday over the summer. However, you will have a greater chance of speaking with senior contacts, who tend to “hold the fort” whilst the rest of team are away. This means that the number of successful calls with decision makers increases sevenfold over this period, giving you a great opportunity to close that sale quicker.

Review time. Plenty of businesses use the summer months to review their budget. A well-timed call could see you become part of their plans. Also, it will help with that all-important BANT lead qualification!

Test and measure. If you’re waiting to target Q4 or January for a sales drive, use this time to test and measure the campaign. Find out what works, what doesn’t, tweak, then call again until you’re happy that you’ll be ready for your launch date.

Get feedback/surveys/market research. Take the opportunity to obtain feedback from your clients and target market. This insight can prove invaluable for shaping future products and marketing campaigns. You’d be surprised at how your clients will be willing to help you, plus, a phone call provides the perfect platform for them to be open and forthcoming with their feedback.

Book people to attend your event in Q4. There’s nothing worse than going to all that effort and expense to put on an event, and have no one turn up! Get in early with calls over the summer months, and increase the chances of your delegates attending.

Don’t lose momentum! You’ve worked hard all year to nurture and grow your pipeline. Don’t miss out by taking your foot off the gas! Also, consider outsourcing your telemarketing to provide cover for your sales team. What better treat than to welcome them back to work after their summer holiday, with a big fat pot of leads to convert!

Remember: Many businesses fall into the trap of writing off summer as a chance to generate business, often at their peril. The market moves quickly and the last thing you want is to be chasing lost leads in the autumn, wondering what could have been!

If you want guidance on your telemarketing or you are considering outsourcing, then our team would be happy to help. Head over to our contact page and get in touch.

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