European Conference – Membership Organisation

The Brief

To secure attendees for an event in Europe for a membership organization. The target market was made up of existing members, prospective members and contacts. The contacts were based in UK and Europe, which required calling in English and/or local language.


We called initially to promote the early bird offer. Once this elapsed, we then moved on to promoting the full price ticket. However, for contacts who had attended the event before or similar conferences, we offered them a discount.

If the contact didn’t want to attend, we’d ask if they were happy for the client to keep in touch and whether they’d be interested in other events, noting them down accordingly.

When the contact said they wanted to attend, we sent them a link to the sign up page. As part of the pitch, we’d ask if they had any colleagues who would also like to attend.

These potential attendees were then followed up after a few working days if they didn’t go through with ticket purchase.

At the latter part of the campaign, we called the contacts who’d purchased a ticket to check with them to see if they had any further questions, or needed any assistance ahead of the event.


The campaign generated a positive ROI and the client was happy with the number of attendees we secured. In addition, we were able to cleanse and enhance their database, as well as collecting permission to market to them in the future, in line with the GDPR.

We have subsequently represented this client for a campaign targeting the UK and Europe.


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