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To assist a member of the Sales Team with their lead generation and confidence with pitching over the phone.


Our client is an interpretation consultancy who provides document translation and language interpretation services worldwide.
The role of the Sales Team member was to contact targets over the phone and to pitch to them. Once they had become a qualified lead, the employee would transfer them to another division to close the deal.

The client sought help with their telemarketing skills through the London Chamber of Commerce, who connected them with Perfect Pitch. After an initial meeting, terms were agreed to go ahead with a three days of training, with each workshop lasting a day and spread across 2 months.


Ahead of the training commencing, the client was asked to provide a self-assessment which focused on areas they felt strong in and aspects they wanted to improve.

The workshop provided the fundamental training required for telemarketing but it was created in such a way that it tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

On the first day, the client made some dummy calls which were recorded by Perfect Pitch. These were examined and dissected. Aspects such as what is required for a call to be successful, understanding the situation and how to ask questions were all explored.

There was also an analysis of the pitch the client was using. This was reworked from a lengthy script and refined into 8-10 key points.
The client worked on progressing the conversation and knowing how to create a positive outcome ranging from obtaining an information request from the target, through to qualifying them as a prospect who is ready to convert to sale.

The second half of the day focused on how the client could make their performance on the call feel and appear more natural and to show complete incorporation of brand values.

After a few weeks break, day two began with a short feedback session where the client detailed how and where they had improved. They also explained any areas they felt they needed to work on and further edits were made to the client’s pitch.

The focus of day two was on presentation, with the spotlight being on vocal skills. This included how to sustain vocal control and modulation. The purpose of this was to ensure clarity and to become competent in responding to a target’s questions, confidently through voice and pitch. There was also an analysis of posture check and breathing technique.

The day completed with some time spent with Perfect Pitch’s telemarketers. The client was able to hear the variety of telemarketing techniques that professional callers were using. They also made calls to their own targets whilst the trainer gave feedback.

After another short interval, day three concentrated on reinforcing the techniques taught over the preceding days. It began with another dummy call being recorded. This was then compared to the one carried out on the first day of training.

The session progressed with a further explanation of effective telemarketing techniques and the client was taught exercises they could do to encourage mindfulness, calmness and clarity.

They spent a second session calling with Perfect Pitch’s telemarketers, and also spent time with the Telemarketing Manager, for some final bits of advice.


The client felt more confident in their ability to pitch effectively. They said that they now felt equipped to navigate gatekeepers and to ensure they were speaking to the decision maker. They also felt more at ease when presenting to senior level staff and they were now able to convey product details and brand values in a professional manner.

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