Is it time to train?

Is it time to train?

A recent survey has suggested that Executives cite a high level of education or institutional training as the most important employee attribute.

However, only 23% say that they offer development and training as a benefit to their team.

So when was the last time you trained your Sales team?

Market more effectively

Our Perfect Pitch Academy can coach your staff to pitch and present, both face to face, and over the phone, using a combination of business and drama based techniques.

Our extensive telemarketing training covers:

  • Gatekeeper Navigation
  • Call Structure
  • Call Content
  • Open Questions
  • Closing Techniques
  • Time Management
  • Call Volumes
  • CRM Assistance
  • Setting verbal contracts

Communicate with confidence

Do you or your team struggle pitching to clients face to face? Perhaps you feel uncomfortable responding to questions and challenges or struggle to make the most of face to face networking opportunities.

Our team can train you to relax, breathe and deliver your pitch in a more confident and effective manner. We’ve worked cross-sector to help clients make the impact they wanted to achieve.

We begin with an initial assessment and work with you to tailor a development programme that aims to resolve weaknesses and to provide the necessary foundations to grow into a confident sales person.

Click here to learn more or give us a call on 01483 422998 to book your assessment with the Perfect Pitch Academy today!

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