Is your database ready for 2018?

Time to cleanse

As the clocks go back and we speed through the final quarter of the year, 2018 looms ever larger on the horizon.

Throughout the year you’d have experienced the enigmatic highs and lows of sales, losing leads and winning contracts, but regardless of the result, one thing for sure is that you would have accrued a lot of contacts.

Just think about all those exhibitions, e-marketing campaigns and networking events, that you’ve been attended!

Get it in order!

But where did you put all of those business cards? More importantly, whatever happened to those leads you put in your database but never got round to calling?

A recent report shows that nearly a quarter of all businesses admit that their marketing data has not been cleansed at all in the last 12 months.

Findings also show that less than 50% of all businesses check their customer data accuracy before starting a campaign.

Ahead of your marketing campaigns for 2018 can you really afford to have inefficient data? Equally, with GDPR creeping ever closer, can you rest assured knowing your data is compliant?

Uncover new leads

Our team of Trained Actors and Sales Professionals can call your contacts and make sure your records are up to date. Furthermore, our staff can pitch to them on your behalf and identify new business opportunities.

A stale record could soon turn into a lead and our experienced telemarketers would be happy to book you appointments to pitch to prospects.

We are currently running several data cleansing packages so if you want to have your data made fresh and ready for the new year, contact us on 01483 422 998 or enquire on our website.

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