Telemarketing: The Power of Profiling

Use TM to profile your target market.

Telemarketing provides a direct, reliable solution to profiling potential clients. On a call you can collect:

  • Name and job title decision maker.
  • Contact details.
  • Current supplier information.
  • Contract end date.
  • Product specific information, such as total number of phones onsite.
  • Tender date.
  • GDPR permission to keep in contact.

Armed with this information, you can feed this into your sales funnel to nurture accordingly. This can vary from passing the lead to your Marketing department to target with an email campaign, or to have your Sales team contact to pitch to them.

Profile calls add intelligence to your data set, even if it’s just finding out the key decision maker, or that it’s best to reconnect with the contact later in the year – you can always get something out of a call!


“Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

― Anonymous Greek Proverb

Wise words for society and wise words for your sales process. Imagine how grateful your future self will be in six month when you know that it’s now the right time to call back that person you spoke to two quarters ago.

If you’ve profiled your contact correctly on your initial call, then you will be armed knowing who they’re currently using (instead of you!) and when the contract is up for renewal. This will help you tailor your pitch, which is key in building rapport and focusing the call to your end goal, be it a meeting, inviting them to an event or a sale.

4 key questions to help with profiling

  1. Can I ask, who are you using at the moment?
  2. Do you know when that contract is up for review?
  3. How can we be considered for tender?
  4. Who oversees the decision-making process?

There are several ways to phrase these questions and often it’s best to go with what you feel most comfortable with, but these should help with your profiling exercise. In addition, if you sense the contact is open to a conversation, there’s no harm in asking if they’re happy with their current supplier, and whether they’d consider changing.

Below are examples of how profiling can be used for several sectors, including IT & Telecoms, Finance and Insurance.

MSP – Targeting IT & Finance decision makers to review IT & Telecoms infrastructure.

Current supplier:

No. computers:

No. software licences:

Review date:

Asset management – Promoting funds IFAs

Preferred funds:

Current platforms they use:

Review date:

Insurance – Targeting the B2B marketing to promote insurance policies.

Current insurer:

Policy end date:

Review date:


Profiling calls are a powerful tool and should be considered in your marketing approach. Focus on adding intelligence to your database every time you make a call, and you’ll be on the path to a healthy pipeline.

One last thing: Your profile call might produce a lead there and then, so be ready to pitch!

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