The 5 MOST Effective Ways to Use Telemarketing

When some people think of telemarketing they imagine a “robot” on the phone mindlessly pitching irrelevant products to the wrong audience. Not at Perfect Pitch! With us, we have one intelligent human being speaking with another, projecting a sense of purpose, direction, and professionalism. Here are the 5 most effective ways to use telemarketing.

1) Lead generation
Telemarketing has the versatility to be used as a standalone marketing channel, or as part of an overall strategy. It provides the perfect platform to qualify prospects and to set up appointments, or if you’re hosting an event or a webinar, to invite them along!

2) Data cleansing                                                                       
B2B data corrodes at 15% on average per year. Therefore, if you take a set of data records that hasn’t been updated in 2-3 years, it’s likely to be largely inaccurate. Telemarketing provides a tool which allows you to check the quality of the data of your target company and to update it accordingly. Furthermore, you might find that you’ve happened to call at the right time and may even end up generating a lead!

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is set to come into effect in May 2018. It dictates that for all the data records you hold, you must:

  • Declare providence.
  • Have permission from the contact to keep their data and have their confirmation that they understand what their records will be used for and how they will be stored.

It is possible to use telemarketing to create a data set that is GDPR compliant, therefore saving the risk of heavy fines from the ICO!

3) Market research                                                                
What better way to gauge the perception of your brand than to speak to potential customers and current clients!

With telemarketing you can find out if people have heard of you, whether they like your website, and if your offering clear and relevant. Confirmation on all of these aspects can help your marketing campaigns to be more effective and can provide guidance to improve your overall offering.

4) Client retention
Want to check in on your clients but prefer the personal touch of a human to human conversation? Pick up the phone and get chatting. Find out what’s working, what isn’t, how can you improve and most importantly, are they happy enough to remain a client?

It’s easier for people to open up during a conversation as opposed to an email. Plus, tone of voice can be very telling and phrasing can be very telling and give more of an insight than email or feedback forms.

5) Increase brand awareness                                                   
Do you want to get your brand in front of 100s of potential customers? Call them! Tell them about your brand, gauge if they are a decision maker, whether they have budget for your product and do they have an idea of when they’d like to buy?

If they don’t want to buy, do they have clients who might want to? You’d be surprised how much a strong rapport with a contact can benefit your brand awareness. If they like you, they’ll remember you, and there’s every chance they’ll spread the word!

If you are interested in finding more about a telemarketing campaign then send us an enquiry and we’ll be in touch very soon!

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