US Banking & Finance special: Is it time to call in the Brits?

The times they are a’changin!

The elections, Brexit, the weather! With so much uncertainty, many investors are desperately searching for some stability.

Our clients will often come to us looking for a way to connect with such a cautious marketplace. They need to build a human connection with their prospects, as well as maintain a level of professionalism that stays true to their company values. The solution must be time efficient, flexible and most of all, cost-effective.

Well, we reckon we have found the answer…

Try something new!

We are a UK based award-winning telemarketing consultancy who use Sales Professionals and Professional Actors to sell what you do best.

We have the expertise to arrange qualified meetings with RIAs, Investment Directors, and other targets you’d like to meet with. Not only can we secure you leads, but we can also carry out bespoke market research and find out facts such as:

  • Who does the investment research and the fund types they are focused on.
  • The fund selection criteria e.g fund size, track record, platform, and TER levels.
  • Investment committee review dates.

We call into the UK, USA and all other major trade regions. We have the capacity to call in English – using that famous British accent! – or our foreign language team can reach out in a native language. This allows us to set up opportunities all over the globe, from the Middle East, through to ChinaRussia and Brazil

This year our team have successfully promoted funds, investment seminars and carried out targeted, detailed market research.

We can also help manage vast quantities of data, calling to refine, cleanse and enhance it, leaving you with a quality, up-to-date, accurate and manageable database.

Pick up the phone

You can get started from as little as $3499 and you will receive a tailored telemarketing plan and a chance to meet and fully brief our team.

Our Banking and Finance team will become your brand and will live and breathe who you are and what you do. After all, it’s what we do best – just look at our testimonials.

Call now to get started or enquire here.

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