Who’s representing you on the phone?

Who’s representing you?

A little under 4% of the UK’s workforce are employed in contact centres.

To put that into context, there are 5,840 contact centres in the UK, which totals 734,000 agent positions*.

But do you know who is making the calls for YOUR telemarketing campaign?

Perfect mix

Too often we hear horror stories of telemarketing agencies ripping off their clients. Extortionate upfront costs, inefficient data and unsuitable callers are just an example of the faults some telemarketing companies are reported to have had.

However, DMA research shows, the average ROI on B2B telemarketing is 1000%**, so if you use the right company, it can really work for you.

At Perfect Pitch, we use proven Sales Professionals mixed with a select team of Trained Actors to be the voice of your telemarketing campaign.

This unique blend ensures a workforce who can engage, empathise and deliver your company message. Furthermore, each team member is trained and nurtured, all in accordance with our Perfect Pitch Academy, run by our sister company, Perfect Presentation.

Get in touch to see how telemarketing and sales training can help your business!


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