Workplace and Vehicle Sanitisation

The only fog system to clean, hygienize and disinfect all surfaces and air. Fully disinfects with one activation, and because it’s a fog it will reach all areas, surfaces and crevices to ensure a truly sanitised environment. It is effective according to the provisions of the WHO (World Health Organisation)

Cleans and hygienizes the air of 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, micro particle pollution and
COVID 19. Disinfects the surfaces of 99.9% of viruses and Bacteria including COVID 19
Complies to the WHO guidelines for killing COVID 19

There are 3 steps to the Sanification process

  1. Air Cleaning & Hygienizing
  2. Surface Cleaning & Hygienizing
  3. Surface Disinfection

Key Features:

  • Thoroughly cleans and makes any environment hygienic.
  • The mist remains in suspension for several hours, dragging down any particle in suspension and reaching any crack, corner, surface or wall, with an efficiency or more than 1700 times higher than a normal sprayer.
  • Does not require a specialist operator.
  • It can be activated remotely at night.
  • Non Toxic mist formulated based on alcohol, water, dipropylene glycol, quaternary ammonium salts (surfactants)
  • Evenly deposits the active components on the surfaces.

Reaches the places other disinfectants can’t!

  • Disinfects all areas of your premises surfaces, door handles, light switches and everything that it comes into contact with.
  • It leaves a micro thin layer of disinfectant on all surfaces for prolonged protection against viruses, bacteria and COVID 19.
  • A dry fog and safe to use over, PCs, electronics, paperwork, clothing, furniture. And leaves no visible residue.
  • Perfect for any environment reaching the highest shelving in warehouses to the smallest key on your keyboard.
  • The fastest and most effective way to disinfect your premises on the market today
  • All it takes is one push of a button

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