International Digital Marketing

At Perfect Pitch we offer a range of multi-lingual international Digital Marketing and Telephone Marketing services to increase the coverage of our client’s campaigns into new and existing markets without the overheads of a new country structure.

Digital Marketing

We run our digital content syndication programmes worldwide in APAC, LATAM, EMEA and North America. We understand the different markets and nuances that make up a strong international campaign.

Our landing pages can be professionally translated into multiple languages, increasing your reach and putting you on the map with your target audience.


Our international telemarketing agents are true lead generation professionals. Not only do they have the language capability to hold structured business conversations with your prospective clients but each telemarketer understand the business culture of their target country and what it takes to be successful in that region.

We call APAC, EMEA, LATAM and North America and can provide 24 hour coverage to cater for the global market.

We cover all European languages including: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Greek and Turkish. We can also cover Non-European languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and areas including the Americas and Africa.

Services include White Paper Campaigns/Target Account Lists/Custom questions/International Digital Marketing for lead generation campaigns.

In summary, international telemarketing should be no different to UK telemarketing. It is not enough to be able to speak the language but all about the results and that critical ROI.



Case Studies

International Marketing Company
"To establish a database of suitable companies, decision makers, and short and long term marketing needs".

European Marketing Agency
"To promote an industry whitepaper for a leading Software Company to IT Professionals across the EMEA region".

What our clients say
"Calling into EMEA and the US to uncover BANT qualified leads for decision makers."
Marketing Director 
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