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Research has shown that it takes, on average, 7 “touches” to convert a “suspect” to a “prospect”. Furthermore, it takes between 9 – 11 “touches” before the sale is made.

In addition to this, findings suggest that nurtured leads produce 20% more sales opportunities than non-nurtured leads and 70% of leads generated through marketing are “longer term opportunities” worth nurturing.

Alarmingly, 75% of companies discard leads that do not offer an immediate sale, overlooking the long term potential.

So, are you making the most of your leads?


An examination of 29,000 B2B telemarketing calls showed that it takes on average just 80 calls to generate a new opportunity. Coupling this with other successful marketing forms such as email marketing, which typically generates a click-through rate of 3 in every 100 emails sent, an effective strategy soon begins to form.


Here at Perfect Pitch, we can offer Lead Generation and Appointment Setting. We also provide Delegate Booking, Research Distribution and Customer Insight Surveys.

If hosting an event is part of your sales cycle, you can use us to book delegates to attend. We can also give your targets a call after the event to see if they would be interested in meeting with you further. Call us!

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