Telemarketing: How to generate a BANT qualified lead in 4 questions.

BANT = Budget. Authority. Need. Timeline. Everything you need for a lead to be classified as a quality lead. Without knowing these four components, moving the prospect to a sale will become much harder.

Telemarketing offers a fast and cost-effective way to generate BANT qualified leads. Below are the 4 questions you need to ask.

1) BUDGET: Do you have the budget to buy my product?
There’s no point developing a lead who doesn’t have budget. Remember that your time costs money and so you want to maximise ROI. If they can’t afford it now, when do they decide their budget? This will be integral in building your pipeline.

2) AUTHORITY: Are you the decision-maker with the authority to buy?
Ask your contact their job title and responsibilities. Discussing their pain points can also help assess their status. Ultimately, an answer to this question can set you on the path to lead generation.

3) NEED: Do you require what I am offering?
As a decision maker they should know if they need your services. Listen and be patient, but at some point be sure to ask this question.

4) TIMELINE: When are you likely to buy?
Understanding buying patterns is essential to effective, time-efficient telemarketing. Instead of calling back at the wrong time, ask when it’s best to progress the conversation. If they aren’t interested now, when might they be?

Remember: Whether you’re using telemarketing for appointment setting, content syndication or data cleansing, these questions are essential to generating quality leads. You can word them how you like, just make sure you ask them! Good luck!

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