Telemarketing vs Telesales

What’s the difference?

A study suggests that 2 in 3 marketers use marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness whilst 84% use them to generate sales leads. Furthermore, 1 in 3 B2B marketers favoured telemarketing to be the most effective form of lead generation alongside e-mail and live events.

With telemarketing and telesales providing a low cost, direct, personalised solution, do you know the difference between the two? More importantly, which one would best suit your business?

What’s right for you?


So what exactly is telemarketing? The common consensus is that telemarketing is a lead generation tool that is based around building brand awareness. A typical telemarketing call follows these steps:

  • You telephone the target and BANT (Budget. Authority. Need. Timeline) qualify them.
  • If the contact is interested then it is likely they’ll ask for some collateral in the form of a short email or PDF presentation.
  • The call is then followed up on an agreed date with a view to setting an appointment for the Sales Team or to take the contact to the point of sale.


Telesales has a more sales focused approach. Usually in this scenario you will have a product or service to sell. A telesales call would follow this pattern:

  • Over the phone you BANT qualify the target and pitch to them.
  • If they request it, you send the target some collateral.
  • When you call back the target at the time they suggested, instead of setting up an appointment or a sale for another division of your company, you look to close the lead there and then.

From this a picture emerges of the utility of these two marketing methods in the B2B environment. It could be the case that one might suit your requirements better, or perhaps even a combination of the two. What the two techniques share however, is an efficient, economical, tangible marketing option that frees up resources and can significantly boost your pipeline.


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