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Exporting is everywhere right now! Whether you’ve read it in the press, been to one of the many events, or seen the adverts on TV, you will know that the government has kicked off its campaign this autumn to have an additional 100,000 businesses exporting by 2020.

Whether it is something you have considered, or tried already, it is safe to say that the process for successfully sourcing clients abroad and supplying them with your products, comes with plenty to consider.

Firstly, how will you find your clients? The government has set up a platform on www.exportingisgreat.gov.uk to present opportunities to bid for, but why stop there? There is a whole wealth of businesses out there, with 45,508 listed on stock exchanges alone across the globe. But what about a more direct route?

B2B Telemarketing is an effective avenue to consider when it comes to finding and creating new business opportunities. It can be used on the back of an e-marketing campaign, or to follow up a piece of direct mail, and provides incredible flexibility to be used as a versatile and effective tool.

At Perfect Pitch, we have a pool of foreign language speakers who call globally. Our team regularly book appointments for our clients to meet with prospects, or they book delegates to attend seminars. We also offer customer service calls and market research survey completion.

We have strengthened our offering by using foreign nationals. We’ve found that by using natives, not only do you have a reliable language speaker, but also, you obtain cultural knowledge which can help you get the edge. You would be surprised at how far knowing about the local cuisine can get you on a business call!

One thing to consider when calling abroad is to ensure that your marketing material is suitably adapted. The last thing you want is to create a prospect, only for the development of the opportunity to stall due to the marketing copy being in the wrong language.

Furthermore, do your research on the area. The UAE work Sunday to Thursday so don’t schedule calling for outside this time. Also, preserve your budget by being aware of typical working hours and public holidays.

Finally, if used correctly, telemarketing can increase brand awareness, fatten up your pipeline, and potentially uncover that golden opportunity you have been searching for. There’s a reason it has such an attractive ROI (B2B – 1000%), but it needs to be used intelligently for maximum gains. It’s not enough just to have a language speaker, you need them to be trained in telemarketing.

So, if you want to ride the export wave, and open up your business to a whole new gateway of opportunity, before you set sail, think about the potential telemarketing could bring!

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